Package for Mama Papa

Papa's birthday will be this month as well as Mother's Day, so hubby and I went to shop to get something for Mama and Papa. We decided to give papa a wrist watch coz I knew he had been using his old watch since nineteen "kupong kupong" and he needs a new one for sure and for mama, since she likes jewelries we got her a nice necklace. We included 2 movie videos coz papa loves to watch movie at home, he usually buys those cheap videos that are sold along the side walk which I know most Filipinos know what kind of quality those videos are, I will not tell what they are "baka ma spread" ha,ha,... Anyways, I know papa would love these original movie videos we got for him. We gonna include a birthday card for papa and a mother's day card for mama. I know they would love to receive their simple presents, hubby and I will be sending this package to the post office Wednesday.


E-Tavasi said...

Wow.. so beautiful this watch :) nice present :)

Amor said...

kabut-an gyd nimo a anak Lara :)Im sure excited ug lipay na kaayo imo parents ani sa inyo regalo.Have a nice day!