Dog chewed superbowl tickets

ARIZONA – A dog named Buddy probably doesn't realize how lucky he is that his owner was able to get replacement tickets. See, Buddy chewed up a pair of Superbowl tickets that were delivered to his Arizona home.

They were delivered through the mail slot, and Buddy, who usually likes to chew his toys, made confetti out of the package. Inside, two $900 tickets to Superbowl XXXXII.

Owner Chris Gallagher says he couldn't believe what he saw when he came home earlier this week.

The black lab had mistaken the package for – well whatever he thought was in there must have seemed to good to leave un-chewed. Gallagher says he wasn't sure what to do. But after a quick phone call his fears were swept away – replacements were available.

And that's lucky because Gallagher says he couldn't afford the $1800 tickets in the first place – they were for a friend. This time, the expensive stubs will be waiting at will call – far from Buddy's hungry eyes.

Source: zootoo.com

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