Afghan boy needs home

Diane my sister-in-law from Florida sent me and hubby an email that somebody needs me. When I clicked the link it pulled out a photo of an Afghan male dog who was ready for adoption and really needed home. I always feel sad when I see dogs that need a home to stay. How I wish I could take these dogs at home so I could take care of them. Hubby and I sometimes thought about adopting a new dog so Bandit will have a playmate but we are still skeptical about it because it is really a handful even taking care of one dog and besides it needs a lot of cleaning and vaccuming specially when they shed a lot. The most difficult part about it is that it is not easy to leave the house and be away for several days because nobody would take care of these pets. I remember when we went for a trip to Idaho for 3 days. Boy! I really missed Bandit and Tiger. I don't think I could handle being away from them. Anyways, take a look of the photo of this Afghan dog named Dallas. I hope he could find a good home soon.

Dallas is a 16 mos male Afghan Dog. He is looking for a good home preferrably in Colorado. If anyone interested to adopt him just check the Afghan Hound rescue and find out more info about Dallas.


Diane said...

But I think he would look so adorable going for a walk with YOU :)

laradee said...

Ha,ha,thank you for that sis. I really wish I could take him home. Hmmm, I just wonder how Bandit would handle his jealousy.

JAZEVOX said...

she is definitely a cutie! we already have 2 dogs, but hope that she will be adopted pretty soon