Bandit's hardheaded

Just wanna share how Bandit did today. Well, he is doing good as usual. I thank God that he is as healthy as can be. He had been a little bit hardheaded this morning though because when him and I went out to the backyard which we usually do every morning when I wake up to have him go to the bathroom (potty or poopoo) while I am feeding Flash (horse). Bandit always get so excited everytime I start wearing my coat ( for the cold), boots and bonnet because he knew that it's time to go out to the backyard and feed Flash then he could sneak some crumbs from Flash's senior glow grain. So, we went out together. I had him go potty and poopoo, he is mostly good at doing this when I told him so. But then, he started going down by the creek which is not really that far from our backyard's boundary. I started calling him but he was pretending not to hear me call his name and he just continued to roam around the area, just glad that the creek was dry and no water was flowing. Yeah, he was acting a bit hardheaded today so I just left him and went back to the house. After a couple of minutes I saw him running back to the house as he found out that I was no longer in the backyard.

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