Mom's Visit

Mom came by today to see me before she and stepdad go for a doctor's appointment.It was nice to see both of them since hubby and me only see them once a week when they come to town for their doctor's appointment. They live in Montrose, Colorado which is an hour away from us. When mom come by, she always has something for me some sort of a treat and today she brought me baked beans which I really liked. I told her I have been craving for her baked beans since it has been awhile that I have it. Then she told me, I should have told her if I want some so she could cook it for me. How sweet is that? I felt so blessed to have a mom like her, though she is my mom-in-law but she treats me like one of her own daughter. She is a very loving and sweet mom and I could never ask for anything. I think one of the reasons that I never felt homesick since I left the Philippines is because of the love, care and acceptance I receive not only from my hubby but for my in-laws also. Everytime people ask me if I miss my family home or I get homesick, I always tell them yes but not much.Hmmm, am I bad? he,he, just felt so at home with my new family here in the US.

This is my mom Janie, taken after lunch at Black Bear Diner.

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