First and Last

Tag by Wheng, I receive this kind of tag in my other blog too. So, I just copied and pasted my answers from there.

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* First real job: Salesclerk back in the Philippines right after I graduated in College.
* First screen name: Lara
* First funeral: I remember the first funeral I've attended was my lolo's funeral-my mama's father when I was in grade 2 I think.
* First pet: A dog named Bearbrand.
* First piercing: Ears
* First tattoo: I never have any and never think of having one.
* First credit card: Walmart credit card but never used it,ha,ha,...
* First kiss: eekk! it was nineteen forgotten ha,ha,...
* First enemy: neighbor (playmates) when I was young.

* Last car ride: Yesterday, (Wednesday)
* Last kiss: This Morning with hubby when he went for work.

I'm Taggig Laura, Ann, Imelda, Princess, Jamie and Joy.


laura said...

thanks lara sorry ha late me naka visit d2,happy weekend

Vhiel said...

hello lara,

I just move my blog to a custom domain, so now I am blog hopping to ask fellow bloggers who have traded links with me to update it to the new url.

If you could update the url from:




The title is the same, just the url..I do appreciate it and enjoy your weekend.