The day is gone so fast...

Flash is enjoying his breakfast, he always look forward when I feed him. He neighs everytime he sees and hears me going out through the back door.
I don't know what kind of plant is this but one thing I found out when I came here in the US is that most plants blossom their flowers first before the leaves start growing back again during Spring.
Another plant that I really don't know what it is, they just grow in our backyard like other bushes do.

The day just ended so quickly, it was a nice day today because the weather was so warm, the sky is so clear and the sun was so bright. I liked the weather today because I really felt the heat of the sun on my skin. I took the opportunity to enjoy the warmth of the sun as I sat outside by the deck with the sun shining directly on me. oh, it felt so good! Finally able to feel it's heat which I rarely do because I always feel th cold wind even from the very start of the Spring but today it was different and I really appreciate how the weather got so warm. Bandit was there too sitting beside me seeking for my attention. I took some photos while I was outside enjoying the nice weather.

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Anonymous said...

We are still lucky to see those beautiful flowers that bloosom during this season. Fresh air no pollution is what we need to keep our health on active.
Dont know what's the name of those pretty flowers but they really look so agreable! Have a good spring!