Getting cooler

I can't believe it's officially fall season. I could feel the cool breeze and I do not look forward to it.

Keep a marshmallow warm with a fire


Changing career

I am thinking of changing career and switching from healthcare to working with the United States Postal Service or USPS just for a change. So, I checked their website and they have an open position of Mail Processing Clerk so I filled up an application online and submitted it last Sunday and was able to get a schedule to take the exam yesterday and I did. I took the Postal Exam 473 and thank God that I passed the test. I'm hoping that I could get hired and start soon. Feeling excited!

Sump Pump Brands Guide

Little Giant

Acquired by Franklin Electric company in 2006, Little Giant belongs to a company that supplies commercial and residential pumping systems to the global market. Amongst its other products, sewage, effluent, condensate removal, and industrial submersible pumps, Little Giant offers a wide selection of leading sump pump systems. Its acquisition by Franklin Electric has made these pumps available on a wider scope of markets, buyers, and partnerships.

Little Giant’s selection of sump pumps meet nearly all needs of sump drainage, basement drainage, and water discharge. They offer three series of pumps: the 5.5 series and 6 series and WRS series cast iron sump pumps.

The 5.5 series has a 1 / 4 horse power motor, zinc housing, and a capacity of 123 liters per minute (LPM) at .31 meters. It is activated by a snap action float switch, and may be applied for water recirculation or transfer, in water displays, and machine tool and air conditioning coolants. It is submersible.

The 6 series has a 1 / 3 horse power motor, designed for constant operation, in a cast iron house coated in epoxy. It is available with automatic operation or manual operation. Its capacity is 156 LPM at 1.53 meters. It may be applied in a basement sump, for water transfer and dewatering.

The WRS series comes pre assembled which allows for an easy installation of the unit, comes in two tank sizes, 18.9 liters and 13.3 liters, and has a capacity of 156 LMP at 1.53 meters. It is for applications in gravity drainage areas that are impractical, laundry trays and under sinks.

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The Zoeller company has three models of sump pumps: Model 49; 50 series; and Model 72.

Model 49 is a submersible pump that has an oil-filled motor that is hermetically sealed motor that automatically resets to protect from thermal overload. Its housing is rugged cast iron, that is corrosion resistant and coated with an enamel finished that is baked-on. It comes with a heat sink to disperse heat, and a tethered float switch. The motor is 1 / 4 horse power and pumps 159 LPM.

The 50 series is a submersible pump for effluent (septic systems) and sump discharge. It is oil filled, hermetically sealed and has an automatic reset for thermal overload. It is operated by a buoyant polypropylene switch. The motor is 1 / 3 horse power and pumps 44 gallons per minute. There are also multiple special models: Model 53 (cast iron motor, switch case, and pump housing); Model 55 (bronze motor, switch case, and pump housing); 57 (made completely of cast iron); and 59 (made completely of bronze).

Model 72 is a submersible sump pump for water discharge, is protected from thermal overload, comes with automatic and non automatic models, and is completely watertight. Its motor pumps at 50 gallons per minute (189 LPM) at 1 / 2 hp.

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Liberty Pumps

Located in Bergen New York, Liberty Pumps manufactures commercial and residential pumps for groundwater and wastewater removal. They feature a wide selection of sump pumps: submersible, back up and box systems. Their submersible pumps are the 1 / 3 horse power 230-series; the 1 / 4 horse power 240-series; the 1 / 3 horsepower sump and effluent 250-series; the 1 / 2 horse power 280 series; 3 / 4 290 series; a CSP-series crawl space sump pump kit; HT40 4 / 10 horse power sump pump for high temperature environments; HT450-series 1 / 2 high temp; and on. Many are housed in finned aluminum for better insulation. The back up systems are both water operated  or battery operated.

All Liberty Pumps sump systems information


Features a variety of stainless steel sump pumps for commercial and residential use. Their products range from pedestal and submersible sump pumps, battery and water operated back up pumps, and a variety of switch types, from float to electronic probes.

Their submersible pumps come either with float (vertical or tethered) or electronic probe switches. The float pumps come either housed in cast iron and stainless steel, stainless steel, or thermoplastic. The cast iron and stainless steel pumps range from 1 / 3 horse power to 3 / 4 horse power. Pumping a maximum capacity at 1 / 3 of 4280 gallons per hour to 5150 gallons per hour at 3 / 4 horse power. Those completely cast iron are available with horse powers from 1 / 3 to 1. The 1 / 3 has a maximum capacity of 3,360 gallons per hour, the 1 horse power pump 91 gallons per minute, and uses probe technology to switch on. The thermoplastic sump pumps range from 1 /  4 horse power at 2880 gallons per hour to 3 / 4 horse power at 7000 gallons per hour.

Other Flotec sump pump products include water operated backups and battery operated backups, the maximum pumping 3,000 gallons per hour.

All Flotec sump pump and systems information


Wayne pumps offer a wide selection of sump pumps: thermoplastic; cast iron; pedestal; back up systems; and combinations of primary and back up systems. The thermoplastic pumps are operated with tether switches and range from the 4 / 10 horse power WST40 model, that pumps up to 2500 gallons per hour at zero feet and comes with a one year limited warranty, to the stainless steel and thermoplastic 1/ 2 horse power SSPT50 that pumps up to 3900 gallons per hour at zero feet. It comes with a three year limited warranty.

Among the cast iron pumps, Wayne pumps offers the CDU790 1 / 3 horse power vertical float switch operated pump, and the CDT33 1 / 3 horse power tether float switch operated pump. Both pump up to 3800 gallons per hour. There is also the CDU1000 1 horse power stainless steel pump with a vertical float switch that pumps up to 5400 gallons per hour and comes with a 5 year limited warranty. Between these there are 1 / 2 horse power and 3 / 4 horse power stainless steel and stainless steel and cast iron models.

There are remarkably four types of pedestal pumps: PTU30; PTU50; SPV500; and SPV800. All models of pedestal pumps offered by Wayne pumps operate with a vertical float switch. The PTU30 and 50 are both thermoplastic, the 30 operating with a 1 / 3 horse power motor, pumping at up to 3200 gallons per hour at zero feet, the 50 with a 1 / 2 horse power motor, pumps up to 4400 gallons per hour at zero feet. The SPV 500 and SPV 800 are both cast iron. The 500 has a 1 / 3 horse power motor, the 800 a 1 , 2 horse power motor. The 800 pumps up to 5000 gallons per hour at zero feet; the 500 up to 4080 at zero.

The back up systems offered operate with battery units and come with microprocessors to initiate when water levels are too great or power outages occur. They also offer combinations of primary submersible pumps and battery back up pumps.

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Simer is a worldwide manufacturer or a variety of residential purpose pumps, and has been in operation for over thirty years. Among their lines of home water systems, lawn sprinkler pumps, utility, sewage and effluent pumps, Simer offers a wide selection of sump pumps and backup sump pumps.

Their sump pumps come either in thermoplastic housing, stainless steel and cast iron housing, or cast iron housing. These pumps are pedestal pumps and submergible, operated with vertical float switches, tethered float switches, or electronic switches.

The thermoplastic submergible pumps come with tethered and vertical float switches and have a horse power range from 1 / 4 (pumping up to 1320 gallons per hour) to 3 / 4 horse power (pumping up to 7000 gallons per hour).  Some are portable.

The stainless steel and cast iron and thermoplastic pedestal pumps comes 1 / 3 horse power pumping 3480 gallons per hour.

The cast iron ranges from 1 / 3 horse power, pumping up to 3300 gallons per hour, to 3 /4 horse power, pumping up to 5150 gallons per hour.

Other products include a quick install sump pump, a pre-plumbed 1 / 2 horse power sump pump / basin system, and multiple emergency battery back up sump pump systems.

All Simer sump pump infromation

 Source from PEX Universe: http://www.pexuniverse.com/sump-pump-brands-guide

Tyler's Preschool

Tyler just started going to his pre-school class and he is loving it. He gets so excited every time hubby and I drop him off to school. On the other hand, Toby gets sad when his older brother gets out of the truck to get in to his school. Toby wants to go to school too. We explained to him that next year when he turns 3 he will be going to Tyler's school too. I'm so glad that Tyler is very interested to go to school. I'm hoping that it will stay that way, that he would continue to love school as he grows older.


After Work

Just got home from work. It was a long 12 hours of work and I was ready to go home. The boys were so happy to see me walk in the house. Now, I'm relaxing writing my blog trying to sit down for a little bit. So nice that hubby offered to cook me something for dinner. The boys are playing in the living room. Just love to be home with my family.